Pond Leveller

A pond leveller is a water regulation tool that allows the user to control the depth of the pond upstream of a beaver dam, thereby reducing the risk of flooding caused by the dam. Typically, a pond leveller consists of a long flexible pipe that is installed through the dam, with a cage that is submerged in the pond at the upstream end (Figure 1). The height of the outflow pipe in the dam, sets the maximum water level for the pond.

Figure 1: Example Diagram of a Pond Leveller1

Pond levellers are used where the pond upstream of a dam is a flooding concern (flooded road, trail, agricultural land, building, etc.). To allow beavers to remain at the site, it is ideal that the water level remain as high as can be tolerated; the lodge entrances must remain submerged and the pond needs to be deep enough that it will not freeze to the bottom in the winter2.

*Please note that prior to the installation of any coexistence tool, it is important to check for permitting requirements with your local, provincial/state, and federal departments*

Please see the following resources to learn more about this coexistence tool:

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